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Welcome to Make Chic Happen

I'm Kait, a twenty-something Virginia native looking to share my inspiration in all things style and beauty. 

When you look good, you feel good - am I right? Life might not always be glamorous, but I've realized that doesn't mean you don't have to be. 

 Above all else, I'm a makeup, style and food fanatic and love the fun and feel good sensation that comes with it. I'm always searching for the next beauty product or vanity must-have that will leave me feeling like an absolute goddess (they're out there, I promise you!), that pair of jeans I actually want to jump into, and another recipe to rave about.

I'm excited to share a peek inside my life and show you how I bring a little glam into each day through realistic, wearable and affordable tips, tricks, sales, favorites and more.

Whether it's finding your signature lipstick shade, the most amazing face mask, or that perfect teasing comb - there's always something new to be discovered and a way to "Make Chic Happen." 



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