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5 Reasons Why You Need The Sigma Dry'N Shape Spa!

When I first started out really getting into makeup, brush cleaning was the last thing on my mind. Unless you're a makeup artist who's working on different people on a daily basis, I'm sure taking the time to hand scrub your brushes isn't top of mind. It's a pain in the butt quite honestly! Who actually has time to sit there and scrub 10, 15, 20+ brushes by hand and then lay them all out and wait for them to dry? I can tell you that I certainly don't, so when I got my Sigma Dry'N Shape Spa it was an eye opener. I've listed out my five reasons why this gem is absolutely worth the investment (a small investment, actually) and an essential for makeup lovers alike!

1). Easy

This is an extremely easy tool to use! They even have directions for you, in case you need a little guidance as to what side to use first and explains what each texture is designed for.

2). Quick

Since the brush-cleaning textures of the Sigma Spa are so amazing, they clean your brushes instantly - it's really satisfying to watch. Once you've added a little water, soap and start scrubbing away you can instantly see product being washed away from the bristles. Believe me when I tell you it will cut your wash time in half compared to hand washing!

3). Efficient

Efficiency kind of goes hand in hand with the time factor I just mentioned, but I wanted to point this out as well. The Sigma Spa is extremely powerful thanks to the various textures designed to wash, refine and rinse. It's able to really get into your brushes and clean out the product to it's core - not just surface level, like if you were cleaning it yourself.

4). Compact

The Sigma Spa can hold up to 18 brushes, making it extremely space saving. Not everyone has a huge amount of counter space, so the great thing about this is that all of your brushes are neat and together while drying. It's really easy to set aside overnight or to store until the next time you need to use it. Also, if you were traveling and wanted to take it with you, it does come apart so would fit perfectly in a bag or suitcase.

5). Sanitary

Last but not least, your skin is going to thank you!!! Having product sit in your brushes for an extended period of time can lead to bacterial growth and end up clogging your pores - aka hellooooo pimples. It's much better on your skin to have fresh, clean brushes to use and to be regularly getting old product out.

If you haven't seen it already, check out my video below of the Dry'N Shape Spa in action! Seriously, for only $29 it's totally worth it AND you can use the code SIGMA2016 for 10% off! Did I mention that Sigma also has a 2-year warranty on their gadgets and brushes? That's because they really are that good!

I'd love to know your own thoughts on the product for those of you who try it, so comment below to let me know what you think.


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