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Fighting Frizz 101

Doing my hair is always a process. The time is takes to wash, blow dry, and then style it is already a daunting task but add in having to maintain it afterwards, and consider the day over. I have to fight frizz and curl all year long, with summer and spring being peak season for me. Any ounce of humidity and you can kiss my sleek mane goodbye (unless the Hair Queen aka Katia gets a hold of my hair). I unfortunately can't take Katia everywhere with me, or have her do my hair everyday. So, I have to fend for myself during these hot and humid times and I've learned to do that with a few essential products. Below are some some of my current product crushes that you'll absolutely need to fight off frizz all year long!

Aveda Smooth infusion Line:

Living Proof "No Frizz"

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