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JJD Lip Kit Dupes

As always, the above graphic is interactive. Click the product to shop!

Hey beauties! I’m so excited to have gathered up some of my fave nudey-pink lip combo’s that will give you that “Jessie” look for less. I love lipsticks just as much as the next person, but as with all things, I have a price point cut off that I’m just not willing to spend over. The Jessie lip kit is beautiful, and seems to have plenty of great reviews from fans and beauty junkies alike who love it. I however, just can’t swallow spending $42 + shipping on a lipstick and liner. As I mentioned in my insta stories when it first launched (or re-launched) you can pick up a MAC cosmetics coveted lipstick and liner for $36. Luckily, I have some great dupes that are even less than that, that I know you all will love. Keep reading to check them out!

Truly, you could pair any of my lipstick dupes with any of the liner dupes I've shared. If you're someone who isn't used to wearing liner or doesn't want it to be too dramatic, I'd recommend using Beyond Pink by L'oreal or Nude Suede Shoes by NYX. The other four are going to be a little more bold and bright (Beloved by Covergirl).

For the lipsticks, the Rimmel Kate no. 42 is one of my all time go-to's. I wear it regularly and it's perfect for everyday. Peach Buff and Honeyed Bloom are going to be more on the pink side, while Nude Edition is going to be the lightest shade of the four. All are stunning, and all are matte. They're lipsticks, and drugstore at that, so while I absolutely love the four I'm posting about I want to be transparent - they won't last all day. You will have to reapply as necessary. I don't know if it's because I just love makeup so much, or am head over heels for the colors themselves, but reapplying is not something that bothers me whatsoever.

As a tip, using the liners to either fill in your lips or line them (I tend to go heavy on liner) will help the longevity of your lip look! The liners are all long lasting, and the two NYX one's are waterproof.

I hope you all found a lipstick and liner combo that you're dying to try! If you do pick any of these up, please tag me in your posts and/or stories. I love seeing your looks and when you've used something I've recommended.

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