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Girl Talk - Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Brazilian

I was only a couple of weeks into summer before I quickly realized I was completely over shaving. Let's be real, shaving sucks. It's annoying, it's time consuming, and if you're like me and have sensitive skin, it's an even bigger pain. My bikini area has by far always been the worst sensitivity wise. I've dealt with bumps, irritation, redness, the whole nine - talk about awful and embarrassing. I decided I wasn't going to deal with any of that this year, and figured waxing was the way to go!

Ever since sharing that I was getting a brazilian on my stories, the questions have come flooding in - and I don't blame you guys! There's a lot to want to know before deciding to move forward with a decision like this, and I want to share all the deets so you can decide if this is something that's right for you, or, if you're just curious!

First thing was first, I needed to stop shaving and let the hair grow out so it was long enough to wax. Depending on where you go, they may have different opinions on length. I honestly at first wasn't sure if I could stick it out to make it to the initial appointment. It's a process and it's annoying. I waited about 4 1/2 weeks before making my waxing appointment, which ended up being perfect. The LAST thing I wanted was to get this far, show up and get turned away because of the length.

When deciding where to go, I had originally called the place I went to back in college. Their appointment availability however wasn't accommodating in my opinion (especially if you're a working gal who can't show up at any given hour of the day) and I was not impressed with the customer service. So, I ended up saying "no thanks" and chose to call somewhere else. I ended up calling European Wax Center instead and have been so tremendously pleased from the start. This is in no way sponsored FYI - I just truly love them and have been super impressed since that initial phone call.

I didn't realize that European Wax Center offers a complimentary wax on your first service and visit! So, since I had never been there before for my first time I just needed to tip. That was a super nice surprise and great way to not only try them out, but test out the waters for a brazilian and not feel like I had anything to lose. I do want to mention that I absolutely tipped on what the full price of my service would have been, and 110% recommend that. I personally always do 20% and like to give cash whenever possible. I tip this way for waxing, nails, hair and any service really. I feel like it's pretty standard and having worked in the restaurant industry and also a hair salon, understand the time people are putting into giving you a great experience.

Two of the top questions I've gotten since starting this process is, 1). Is it awkward and 2). Does it hurt? Truthfully, yes and yes. BUT, you can totally get past both the the awkwardness and the pain, and I'll break down why.

Stripping from the waist down and getting on a table with your legs in a butterfly position, in front of a stranger can obviously be uncomfortable at first - plain and simple. However, these are professionals and this is their job. They've seen it all, and for this particular waxing it's a completely normal process. Hopefully, if you're like me you'll get someone doing your service who's super easy to talk to and makes you feel right at ease. The initial time will probably feel the most embarrassing if you're someone who's shy, but after that you really don't think about it (at least I haven't). My personal suggestion to help cut down on the awkwardness, is to continue booking with the same person. That way, it doesn't feel like there's an introduction to someone new each time, you'll start to get to know your esthetician and know what to expect.

As far as the pain goes, it definitely hurts but it's definitely bearable. You're having hair ripped from one of the most sensitive areas on your body, so no, it does not feel good. To me, the first time is the worst, but if you can make it through that then you're golden. European Wax Center uses hard wax, which I prefer. That means they just apply wax to an area, which then dries before being removed - rather than applying the wax and then applying a strip on top to remove it. Your actual bikini area hurts far less than everywhere else. As they move closer towards the middle/center of your lady parts the more painful it is. I appreciate how my wax gal approaches it - she typically starts off with an "easy" strip and then will do a tougher one on the opposite side, and vice versa. That way, I'm not clenching through three consecutive painful strips back to back. In total, it's usually at most 15 minutes you have to tolerate. And then it's done!

So, you've made it through your first appointment and are probably wondering, "well now what"? I've got great news for you, sista - just sit back, and essentially relax for the next four weeks or so. Unless you have consecutive pool parties, beach trips and need to be in a bathing suit come week 3 or 4, maintenance and upkeep will be a breeze.

The very first thing I recommend doing though before you leave your waxing salon, is to ask your service provider/esthetician if there's any product they'd suggest to help with ingrown hairs or bumps. European Wax Center, for example, has a serum and wipes that are both designed to help reduce the chance of ingrown hairs. I love it, and even use it on my underarms after shaving. It's so worth spending the $30 or so!

Now, if you have sensitive skin like me you may be a little red/swollen to the touch down there for the next day or two. If you can, stay away from super tight clothing right afterwards, and do not do anything that will cause friction in that area because you will without a doubt irritate it (aka ingrown hairs and bumps).

Aside from that, you should be good to go! No shaving needed at all, and the first two weeks you should be especially hair-free. This saves me SO MUCH TIME! My showers are cut down like you wouldn't believe, and simply not having to worry about what I'll look like, or what I need to do to be bikini ready is a total relief.

Right now for my waxing schedule, I go every four weeks but once it cools down and I'm not in a bathing suit as much, I'll probably go to five weeks. I've had three appointments since starting, and with the exception of my hair growth cycle needing to catch up after appointment one, I can definitely notice it thinning out.

Anyways, I hope this was helpful!! I also hope I covered everything you guys were curious to know! If I missed anything at all, as always, shoot me a message. I'm happy to help and have a little girl talk with you guys!

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