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5 Cute + Easy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas!

You know they say comfort is key, and I couldn't agree more! I like being comfortable every day, but especially when it comes to Thanksgiving. The last thing I want is anything that feels tight, constricting or will get in the way of me and my day long eating festivities. With that in mind, I've rounded up 5 cute and easy Thanksgiving outfit ideas that will all also check off that comfort box!

This is one of my all time fave dress purchases from VICI! The fit is perfect, the color is perfect and it totaled to under $50 with my code (KAIT20). From the looks of it, we've since sold it out since I shared this on stories the other night, so I'm linking to their dress page where there's quite a few that would be easy to style and comfortable to wear throughout the day.

You guys already know I had to slip in some leopard print! I love this cozy eyelash cardi and it's perfect to keep things neutral, easy and effortlessly flawless for the day.

Olive is one of my favorite colors, so naturally I'm just drawn to this outfit. It looks super put together in my opinion, with only a few staple pieces, and the hair scarf is the cherry on top!

My sweet little Bambi sweater - you just can't go wrong with this! The material is super soft and I adore the pattern. I paired it with a black moto jeggging, hat and brown bootie. Use KAIT20 to save 20% off my sweater + moto jeggings!

This sweater is EVERYTHING! I typically don't go for colors like this, but I'm soooo happy I did. It screams F A L L and is easy to throw on and go.

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