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Clarisonic Skincare Review: Clarisonic Deep Pore Mia 2 Set

It's almost that time of year where everyone will be getting in the holiday spirit - unless you're like me, in which case you'll be scrambling last minute to get holiday treats and gifts together for family and friends. But, in the chaos of all the upcoming holiday mumbo-jumbo sometimes it's nice to "treat yo' self" and relax a little before all the end of year madness comes. Luckily, I've tried out the perfect skincare item to truly "treat yo' self," add to your Christmas wish list, or even gift to a loved one - the Clarisonic Deep Pore Mia 2 Set! Keep reading to get the full scoop on this amazing trio.

Clarisonic's mission is to "beautifully transform skin" and it's not hard to see how they do it after using their device that's gentle enough for twice a day use! Clarisonics are the #1 most recommended skin cleansing devices by US dermatologists and clean skin 6x better than hands alone. Since the invention in 2004, the brand has sold more than 15 million of its devices that help to reveal healthy, younger-looking skin.

This set is going to give you everything you need to be on your way to flawless skin! It comes with a Mia 2 device, Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, Deep Pore Detoxifying Clay Mask and a Deep Pore Brush Head. It also comes with a charger and small plastic case for traveling. It's extremely light weight, and I found it easy to store too. The Daily Cleanser is nice because it has a very mild fragrance and is pretty light in terms of leaving behind any residue. So far, I've stuck with using the Clarisonic brand cleanser, however would also recommend Cetaphil for those who might need a less expensive option. The Clay Mask is amazing in my opinion and I've used it one to two times a week since having the device. It is smooth, cool and left my skin with a nice healthy glow after each use. I haven't found another alternative that I like more for this price point, so personally will continue to buy it.

The Mia 2 is great for all skin types and comes with two speeds that you can adjust to your liking. I personally have pretty sensitive skin, so for me it wasn't necessary to regularly use the higher speed. The brush head is extremely gentle, which I loved. Having sensitive skin I was worried it would be too harsh, however the brush head never hurt or irritated my skin. My face does get pretty red, but would do the same regardless of how I wash it without the device, whether by hand or using a wash cloth.

Another feature I love about the product is that it's time sensitive, which will help you avoid over using it on your skin per each session. It's recommended to use the Mia 2 twice a day, at morning and at night. It cleanses for about 60 seconds - beeping in 10-20 second intervals when it's time to move from your face to your forehead, to chin, etc. Ultimately it's up to you to decide how long to cleanse one area of your face, so these are just pointers. Blackheads on and around my nose are typically my trouble areas, so some days I would spend a few extra seconds on that specific spot, for example.

I really felt a huge difference in just the way my skin felt after the first time I used the Mia 2. Overall, it just felt a thousand times cleaner and like I'd actually gotten off all of the makeup, oil and dirt that was on my face from the day. After about a week of using it twice a day, I noticed a huge decrease in the overall size of my pores AND the amount of blackheads invading my nose! While the blackheads weren't (and probably never will be) completely gone, it was still shocking and gratifying to see the difference. I can honestly tell you guys that after using it, I can't imagine my skin care routine without the device and will continue to incorporate it into my regimen. The Mia 2 and other Clarisonic products are beyond worth the investment and do offer a 90-day money back guarantee. So either way, you won't be disappointed! Also, from now until November 20th you can use the code HERCAMPUS for 15% off!

This post is sponsored by Clarisonic and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make "Make Chic Happen" possible!



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