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Catch Up With Kait // Life Update

If you haven't noticed, I've without a doubt been a little MIA on the blog over the past eight months or so. I would be lying if I said it wasn't due to lack of motivation, because quite frankly that just happens sometimes. But overall, life's also been pretty busy. I've started some new ventures and continued on with some old ones, so wanted to take a moment to share with you guys what the heck I've been up to this whole time!

One of the bigger things that's taken place is that I've gotten a new job! I've been working at a Fortune 500 Company here in Richmond, and absolutely love it! I'm very happy that I get to stay within the communications industry in my role, which consists of responding to and talking with customers on my company's social media platforms. My transition into this new job has taken a lot of my focus, but I mean that in a truly positive way. Having a job that I enjoy really helps to add some much needed work/life balance that I didn't have before, in addition to restoring previously lost energy and drive (which I'm sure you all can relate to if you've ever been in a job that's just not right for you!).

Another exciting venture I've taken on is my makeup business! I started this spring season off with my first wedding, and have followed that with individual appointments for graduations, parties, girl's night out, and more. I'm so thankful for the reaction I've received since beginning this, and already have the fall wedding season filling up with appointments. It's taken a lot of courage and time to both start and build up my kit, but I couldn't be happier to say I've finally made the decision to do it and can't wait to continue growing my business.

Outside of work related things, I've gotten to really focus on just having fun and making good memories with great people! I've gotten to take a few weekend trips to Atlanta, DC, Charlotte and Orlando, all of which have been nothing short of amazing. I've had dinner dates with my besties, attended and been in quite a few weddings, and have started to actually cook (this is huge news for anyone who knows me!) I've visited Wendy's on the late night for a 4 for $4 an excessive amount of times, indulged in Wine Wednesday on a Tuesday, and visited Ulta more than necessary for anyone in their lifetime. I also went to a Jessie James Decker concert and danced with her on stage to Shania Twain which was the absolute scariest and happiest moment all in one!

Aside from the exciting stuff, there's really no other excuse that I could give you all besides losing the motivation to write. I can honestly tell you guys that I want each of my posts to be genuine and for me that might mean longer periods between them, rather than throwing something up just to have content.

On Instagram I've gotten a lot of questions from you guys wondering if when I share a product do I really like it, or did the company ask me to, etc. To me, that question relates to all of my work and the answer will be the same: I will not share or post something unless I feel passionate about it and willingly want to. Similarly with my blog posts, if I'm not feeling inspired or passionate enough, I'm just not going to write. However, now that everything else in life seems to be coming together as smoothly as it could for a 24-year-old, I'm feeling good about putting more of my energy back into blogging and writing.

Everyone's passions and interests are going to be different, but I'm sure there will be times for each of us when we're just feeling unmotivated and need to regroup. The important thing to remember is that it's perfectly fine to feel that way, and it's perfectly fine to need a break from something if you don't feel like you're able to put your whole heart into it. It may take some time, but when you're ready you're sure to bounce back and pick up where you left off.

I hope you guys enjoyed catching up with me! If there's any post/topic requests, questions or inquiries about my makeup services, head over to my contact page and shoot me an email. Get excited for more to come!

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