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June Favorites

June completely flew by! I really can't believe July is here and we're going into peak summer season, which I hope for you all means vacations, pool time, cookouts and sunshine. I realize that this post is a little behind given that it's now July, but I had so many must-haves this past month I still wanted to share them with you guys!

I've put together my favorites in beauty, hair and skincare that I've been reaching for constantly all throughout June. I'd love to hear if any of my current favorites are on your list as well, or if you end up trying something I've shared!

Blanc by Essie: This is the perfect summer white! I love that it's not opaque whatsoever and I always get a long wear from it, too. Three coats of this bad boy paired with a summer tan and voila - ultimate summer babe status!

Pramasana purifying scalp cleanser by Aveda: I've never really thought twice about my scalp or doing anything outside of my usual shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask routines however this is a game changer. Aveda was kind enough to send me this when it recently launched and I have not stopped using it since. I put it in before shampooing and it suds right up - which is the most amazing feeling if you're like me and use a ton of dry shampoo. After you massage it in, rinse it right out and follow with your normal shower routine. My hair feels significantly cleaner and lighter after using this stuff, which how could you not love that?!

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder: I know I've been raving about the Airspun powder lately, but with all this hot, humid weather that we get in Virginia I had to switch it up. This translucent powder is so much lighter in sticky weather and blends like a dream. Also, with all of the weddings I've been going to (hello, pics on pics) I can assure you there's no flashback with this product, which is key!

White Russian Full-On Lip Cream by Buxom: I can't stop using this! I usually don't like lip glosses but this color has me hooked and I'm obsessed with the minty/tingly feeling it leaves. I'll wear this over my lipstick or just by itself and it's the prettiest light pink pop that you need for summer.

FitMe Concealer in "light" by Maybelline: The cost, the coverage and the wearability - need I say more?

Rosarco Milk reparative leave-in conditioning spray by Briogeo: Leave in conditioners are key for me year round, but especially in the summer when my hair is dry and it's extremely humid. This seriously gives your hair a ton of moisture without making it feel heavy whatsoever. It leaves my locks soft, silky and smells amazing.

Blue Agave Mask by PUR Cosmetics: You can instantly feel the mask working as soon as you start putting it on! It's another product that leaves a tingly sensation on your skin but feels amazing in the process. The coloring of the mask is to die for - a gorgeous bright blue - and you don't have to wash it off. Instead, you apply it to your skin, leave it on for 15 minutes or so and then peel it right off. My only recommendation is to apply the product using a brush because it is pretty sticky and I feel that it'll stay on your hands more than transfer to your face if not.

Microdermabrasion age defying exfoliator by dr. brandt: I'm not even kidding ya'll, ONE use and I noticed a huge difference in the size of my pores and brightness of my skin. You absolutely can feel the product working it's magic immediately and I felt like I was exfoliating years of dirt right out of my skin. While this stuff is a tad pricey I can certainly see why after using it - you get the results it promises!

Shampure composition oil by Aveda: I love using this oil before bedtime. It's extremely soothing and melts right into my skin. You can also add a few drops to your bath, but so far I've only applied it directly onto my body after showering which has worked perfectly for me.

HydraGel Lift by PUR Cosmetics: If you're needing that extra pick me up in the morning to feel awake and refreshed, this is calling your name! I put it on my under-eyes as soon as I wake up and the cooling sensation of this product helps me come to life. Not to mention, it minimizes and primes the appearance of bags and lines to have you looking in tip top shape.

First Aid Beauty Travel Kit: I picked this up at Sephora using some of my points, and I've been very impressed. It's perfect for travel and summer, with a variety of mini's to help moisturize, prime and cleanse your skin. Since everything in this kit is specifically targeting those of us who are dry or just need some extra moisture in our life I probably wouldn't recommend it if you usually have oily or very oily skin.

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