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How To Craft An Insta-Worthy Aesthetic

Having an appealing page on "the gram" is crucial for getting followers and brands alike to be interested in you. While you don't need to go out and dump unnecessary cash on presets (buying makeup and iced coffee sounds much better) I do have a few tips that I recommend incorporating if you aren't already. These five little tidbits will help point you in the right direction for that insta-worthy feed you've been dying to curate, and serve as a good rule-of-thumb.

1). Colors

Think about what colors you want to have as the focus of your page's theme. This small detail will help give your page a cohesive look. For my page, I have pink and white in a lot of my photos, then add in different pops of color throughout. While all of my pics do not have the same exact colors in them, it still flows. I also edit my pictures using the same or similar colors/settings - minus selfies.

2). No Font or Text

Personally, I think having font or text pictures really takes away from a pretty feed. So, with that in mind I don't recommend it. Save those types of posts for your stories.

3). Mix It Up

I used to post like six selfies back to back, and let me tell you, it just wasn't cute. I think it's important to mix it up a little and try to add a variety of posts. For me, I do selfies, flatlays, lifestyle shots, outfit shots, etc.

I do think it's important to think of this recommendation in regards to your page specifically and keep in mind what makes sense for you, your audience, and what you share as well as post about. If your page is centered around JUST selfies, then by all means, I say keep it up. If that is the case, then try shooting different angles to break it up a little and help change it from being all the same forward facing shots. Whatever it is, exploring how you can add variety is crucial!

4). Editing + Filters

No judgement, because we all love them, but stay away from Snapchat filters. Posting them on your page as a static post will give your feed an amateur appearance, so save those for your stories.

There is nothing more cringe-worthy than seeing an over edited photo - especially of the face. This includes over-whitening teeth, over-sharpening eyebrows, using the smooth tool on blast, adding an excessive twinkle to your eye and so on. I know you guys know what I'm talking about and have all stumbled across a picture with exactly these things (it's not pretty).

5). Having A Strong Bio

I feel like this is something that is so critical but really gets overlooked. Craft your bio to reflect the content you're putting out. Make the most of the space you have in that area and take out things that are repetitive or don't add value.

For example, take out "PR/Collabs here" with an arrow pointing to your email, your Boyfriend/Fiances name, a random quote, how many dogs you have. I promise you, if you put your email address people will know what to do with it. And, unless your page is solely focused on your significant other, we really don't need that tidbit (you can always share little things like that in your stories or a dedicated post).

Lastly, if you use emojis then make sure they're relevant. Your bio is the first thing people see when they come to your page! So, make it pretty and don't clutter it.

That's all I have for now, but let me know how you all have been enjoying my little blogging + Instagram segments, and whether you'd like to see more! Thanks for reading and as always, reach out with any questions!

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