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Weekend Getaway In VA Beach

Well, I may be back in Richmond but I’m still daydreaming about my little weekend getaway I just had down in Virginia Beach. I hadn’t made a trip there in a super long time, but surprisingly that’s actually where I grew up going for family vacations most of my childhood. So, it's played a huge role in my vacay life and molded me into the mer-babe that I am today.

I wanted to share some of the cute little spots we visited and would recommend stopping by if you’re ever in the area, in additon to my makeup and hair tips + tricks that I resort to when in beach mode.

Chris and I are super lucky in that his family has a place down at the Beach – which is why I won’t be dishing any deets on where we stayed, what hotel, price recommendations, etc. His family’s place is technically on the Chesapeake Bay, right as it meets the Ocean and is a quick 3 minute walk down to the beach, or a quick 15 minute bus ride down to the boardwalk. You’ll probably notice in my pics that there aren’t really any waves, like what you’d expect to see on the main beach, and this is because of the location. I personally love this about where we stay! It makes relaxing in the water a breeze since you’re not constantly worrying about getting pummeled.

To be totally honest with you guys, I did my makeup basically the same way each time we went out. The look I kept going back to is quick(er), easy and glowy. When being down at the beach, I wouldn’t wear any makeup and instead really layered up either my SuperGoop SPF Primer (you can wear it alone or under makeup) or a COOLA SPF face lotion.

As for my hair, that’s another story. My mane does best when it’s dirty, so I didn’t wash it at all while I was away. Instead, I relied on my trusty Dove dry shampoo and my wand. I mainly wore it down and curled for dinner and then during the day would need to put that bad boy up in either a bun or high pony. I got in the water of course down at the beach, but never ended up getting my hair wet so that made it super easy to pull down and style afterwards.

Citrus – From the aesthetic alone I knew this place was going to be deelish. It was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and I can see why it’s a favorite spot amongst the community. It has a really nice atmosphere, a killer menu (I got pancakes and can’t tell you how stuffed I was), the staff is more than friendly, and their mimosas are $3. Need I say more?

Ocean 27 – This outside bar and restaurant on the boardwalk is HUGE. The décor is bright and fun and matches the vibe there. They had a DJ outside who was killing it, and between good music and my drinks I was in happy mode. I wasn’t thrilled with their draft menu, but I was able to find a wheat beer I had had before. The waitress also recommended against getting their calamari, which was kind of odd, but we went with some fries and one of their chicken appetizers which had a yummy sweet and sour sauce.

Surf Rider – If you love seafood then this is a spot you can’t pass up! It’s right on the marina, so you’re surrounded by the water and boats. Plus, it’s an indoor/outdoor open area concept which was perfect for an early dinner. The menu ranges from average priced dishes to more expensive ones, depending on the plate and variation of seafood by the pound. Nothing caught my eye on their beer menu, so I switched it up and got their red sangria which was to die for.

Hot Tuna – We stopped in for dinner on a Sunday night and it was perfect – quiet enough so we could hear the music and actually enjoy conversation. They have an outdoor seating area with umbrellas and fire pits, a covered outdoor area and then inside dining. Because it was so hot, we did inside dining but otherwise I think drinks on the outdoor area would be such a nice, laid back feel. Their menu pricing varies, from your typical priced burger and sandwiches to pricier seafood pastas. I got the Blackened Chicken Pasta, which had a light garlic and oil sauce. I would definitely go back, but next visit I’d look at getting their shrimp tacos.

Let me know if you babes have ever visited any of these spots, or have future recommendations for me on our next trip! I'm already dying to go back!

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