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Suncare Essentials

Taking care of your skin is crucial. It's something that's always been at the back of my mind, and certainly not something I want to look back on in 30 years and regret not doing more of. With my recent trip to the beach, I wanted to share some of my favorite sunscreens, face lotions with SPF, and primers that I rely on to keep my skin as safe as possible.

Definitely a favorite and go-to of mine! I got this as a sample somewhere and fell in love. It's light weight, great for all skin types and does it's job. I've worn this under makeup or by itself for a day at the pool, and I just love it. A little will go a long way, so while the investment up front may seem a bit pricey, it'll last you a while and is so worth it.

Coola makes amazing SPF products, so I'll probably be listing a few. This is going to be great if you want the SPF and also a little coverage. I've worn this out at the pool and lake for some extra coverage (perfect if you're taking pics) and it's not too heavy!

Perfect for everyday use. This primer is silky, has a matte finish and has SPF to protect your face thorughout the day - YAY!

LOVE this stuff! The coverage is flawless and makes you look have you have the perfect natural cannvas of a face. This is perfect for a day outside at the beach, pool, lake etc. or, running errands.

Another amazing primer, with extra protection. I'll use this under my makeup or will wear it alone. There's no tint to it and it melts into your skin.

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