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My Favorite Masks

Is there ever a bad time to mask and relax? I think not. I love masking as a form of relaxation and also as another skin care method. Whether you want to brighten your complexion, hydrate, detox, exfoliate or fight fine lines and signs of aging, there's a mask for everything. I wanted to share some of my personal favorites that I constantly find myself using and going back to. Enjoy!

PUR makes some of the BEST masks that I think are so underrated! The Blue Agave one is my favorite, but truly they're all amazing, serve a different purpose, and will get the job done.

I raved about this on my stories, and want to rave about it again here! This cute little set is super affordable - UNDER $14, mess free, and easy to use. You can apply a light layer and leave it on for as little as 3-5 minutes. I especially liked this because it's not thick like many detoxifying masks are, and did not irritate my skin whatsoever.

If you suffer from dry, cracked lip or are just looking for a little refresh then check these out! They will soften your pout and leave your lips feeling rejuvinated.

This is my ultimate holy grail of night masks! i wake up feeling so pretty after a night of sleeping with this on. The formula truly feels whipped, or cloud-like and I swear it is magical. I will continue to re-buy this because it's that good!

Here are two of my favorite mud masks, both at very different ends of a spending spectrum. Tula is definitely a splurge while L'Oreal is a save!

I can't live without some under eye masks! These are all super easy to use in a pinch or if you wake up feeling like you're in need of a pick me up, and coffee just won't do the trick.

I love this mask particularly because you're essentially getting two-for-one! You have the clay side to detox and the gold gel side for brightening.

I've tried a ton a sheet masks, and could honestly sit here and list so many of them - there's A LOT of good ones out there yall. But, these are a few of my favorites.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my mask round-up! If you end up trying any of these let me know. I love hearing feedback from you all on products that I've recommended and can't get enough of. Happy Masking!

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