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Favorite Shoes Under $50

I have scored some SUPER cute shoes this season, with essentially all of them being under $50! I felt like I couldn't keep these great finds a secret, and know you all love affordable fashion just like I do. Check out some of my favorite shoe finds for under $50!

These were way too goo to pass up when I saw them! Not only are they BOGO 50% off but they're an additional 25% off with code zzextra25. I ended up getting two pairs for UNDER $30!

I knew these were hands down coming home with me as soon as they caught my eye. They go with everything and are a fun touch to dress up casual outfits or add a little western flare.

I don't own these yet, but have been eyeing them for the longest time. I've been all about animal prints for basically forever, and these have of course stolen my heart. Originally, these are $67 BUT currently they're 40% off, making them under $50!!

SO very happy I scooped these up when I did! I LOVE them and they have the perfect balance of trendy and casual. I got a 6.5 which fits well and I have room to add thicker socks.

I haven't been able to get enough of these boots since I brought them home and made them mine. Honestly, the saddest thing about going into warmer weather for me will be leaving these babies behind. They're lined with fur, so actually keep your feet warm, and are obviously the cutest.

These have been my latest favorites! I hate having cold feet, so typically tend to wear boots or booties in the winter. BUT, since these are fur-lined they keep my toes warm and are perfect to dress up casual outfits. Definitely a steal for under $25 and they're TTS - I got a 6.5.

Like leopard print, I feel like the python snake print is a neutral too. I love these and feel like they go with so much!! I have a 6.5.

These are total Marc Fisher dupes! I don't own these, but totally love them and think leopard booties are a must-have!

I'm sure you can start to see a trend here, but how can you not want all things leopard?!

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