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Glow with the Flow

I don't know about you guys, but with Spring on its way I personally have really been into the glowy look lately. From my makeup, to skin care, to body care, I've been loving and using a few products that have now worked their into my all-time faves for a radiant finish! Check them out below!

This can be worn a few different ways, so I love it's versatility. It comes out like a lotion and looks like a lotion (with no color) but as you start to apply it, it color matches to your skin and gives the most radiant finish. My favorite way to wear this is under my foundation for some extra color and glow.

A total lifesaver for those on-the-go or last minute moments! This not only adds color, but it has radiance, and blurs to seriously give your skin an HD filtered look. I mainly only use this on my legs, or I like using it under my foundation. I do not, I repeat, do not wear this with white pants. While I LOVE this product and love what it does, I have found that it will rub off a little - after all, it is an instant 24-hour wear lotion. I also would recommend putting your shorts or anything you would need to slide into on before applying this. Otherwise, I think it transfers.

Okay, this is the bomb and so incredibly refreshing! I spray heavy amounts of this and while it gives radiance and hydration, it still holds everything in place which is one of the many reasons why I like using it so much. It's made with Icelandic glacier water and is formulated to calm and smooth skin. It doesn't feel greasy, sticky or wet and it mists out very fine. I think it's perfect for really melting powder and giving your face a "your skin but better" look.

Extra radiance with a little tingle? Yes please! I love the feeling I get from this as soon as I apply it. You can wear it by itself, mix it into foundation, layer under foundation or wear on top as a highlight. The versatility is A+ and the glow is 100!

I feel like this is very similar to the Buxom product however this is solely a primer. It's got a beautiful finish and is not sticky or dewy.

A highly pigmented and radiant cream that gives the ultimate glow! I wear this under foundation for a perfectly dewy base that's without any oil.

I've been Tula obsessed for the past six months now and am head over heels for these two! Aside from creating a glowy complexion with makeup, I love actually having a dewy and radiant appearance naturally with skincare. These two are a MUST! The best part is, you can use KAIT to save on your Tula purchases!!

If your skin is needing some extra love, this is just what it needs! This is so gentle but so potent. I feel like it truly gets out any dirt and buildup sitting in your pores, and leaves behind the most beautiful, healthy-looking finish.

I also wanted to include some of my favorite highlights, blushes and bronzer that I'm constantly using and grabbing for. All of these are pigmented AF and have a little shimmer for the perfect glow. Check those out below, too!

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